Are you a Pickleball Addict?

Ask yourself these questions: Do you have an expense account just for pickleball activities? Do you get excited when someone says “dink” and “stay out of the kitchen”? Do you spend more time playing pickleball than working? Well you’re either retired and you have all the time in the world, or you’re a pickleball addict. See our Top 10 reasons we believe you are a Pickleball addict.

  1. You have postponed a hip replacement, knee surgery, and a dental appointment so you won’t miss a pickleball game.
  2. You consider “warming up” before playing pickleball as a waste of good court time.
  1. You totally understand that the comment “I just have time for one more game” is a commitment to play for at least another 30 minutes.
  2. Your only reason for going to Walgreens is to buy a bottle of “Vitamin I” (ibuprofen)?
  3. You strap on two knee braces, two elbow braces, and a back brace and yell “I’m warmed up, who wants to play?”
  4. You know that 2-4-1 is the score of a game and not a sign at a flea market.
  5. There’s only a dusting of snow on the roads when you pull into the parking lot to play (We are in Western Michigan, after all ), but 3″ on your car when you leave.
  6. You come off the court after an hour straight, hyperventilating, wiping sweat with a towel, sit down, take a swig of water and then immediately jump up and yell “Let’s go, I can only play for another hour!”
  7. You go for a “quick” work out on the machines . . .then, you hear the “plunk” of the racket hitting a ball. After 3 hours of play, you leave.
  8. You actually named your dog, Pickles?

Are you a Picklleball Addict?